Shooting Day 1

Describing in a literal sense what is in the scene is much easier than explaining it’s meaning and how it fits into the the whole story. It took quite a while to shoot this scene which ends in different parts. The sex itself takes place in the construction site but the scene opens with a sequence shot over a couple of days in the desert.

We were very lucky to have access to the house and the surrounding area to shoot. It should have a very surreal and disorienting look to it and when I can show you the desert footage you will see how I mean.

Your first look at François Sagat’s ‘Incubus’

(San Francisco, October 28th, 2011) TitanMen is pleased to announce they have wrapped filming and production of Francois Sagat’s Incubus. The film is Sagat’s first foray behind the camera in the role of Creative Director. The first of the two part series of films will release mid-December as TitanMen’s holiday blockbuster film.

Incubus was conceived, written, costumed, art directed and stars the world’s most iconic gay pornstar, Francois Sagat. The film follows Sagat’s journey into a macabre world, never knowing if it’s real or just the tormented dreams within his head. Half-man, half-satyr the two realms of Francois Sagat psyche battle it out on the screen.

Right-Click Here to download the HD Trailer.

Over the next 6 weeks, leading up to the release of Incubus, daily behind the scenes and making of videos will be posted exclusively here at Keep checking back.

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I don’t like confusion, but here I like confusion… no matter what I do ….

SAGAT: The Documentary

Here’s the first teaser for SAGAT, the French documentary film. It premiers March 1, 2011, on French national TV Canal+.

Francois Sagat Photo Shoot for Out Magazine

Francois Sagat Photoshoot from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

Francois Sagat photographed by Terry Richardson

Francois Sagat Photoshoot from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

Francois Sagat: Lock ‘n’ Load (Out Magazine)

Francois Sagat: Lock 'n' Load (Out Magazine, Photography by Terry Richardson)

Francois Sagat: Lock 'n' Load (Out Magazine, Photography by Terry Richardson)

French porn star Francois Sagat celebrates the repeal of DADT in his own distinct way. Plus: Check out an exclusive video interview with Sagat and a revealing behind-the-scenes clip from his sexy military-themed fitting.

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In the wilds of a downtown Sydney park Digital Playground superstar Jesse Jane hunts the wild and elusive Sagat. She takes down her prey, slaps him silly and then releases him back into the wild. Videography by Bruce Cam, editing by Francois Sagat.


While in Australia with TitanMen Francois met and played with Digital Playground superstars Jesse Jane and Riley Steele. Here’s a little video they made for Francois BFF Shana in Paris. Girls just love to eat pussy!