The Incubus Costumes

I have posted before about them but many people ask me more. I should maybe do a whole series about each one.

This was shot the night before we did our first-ever scene. Jasun had just arrived and wanted to know more about the piles of hair on the dinner table. lol.

These are used in both Incubus Part 1 and 2. You can see the movie at Titanmen only.


I just got emailed this today. The final artwork logo for Incubus. I’m in awe. It’s so exciting to have worked on a project like this with my friends for so long and to finally be in the last few moments of its creation. There is also a documentary short coming out hopefully this weekend that will show some of the preproduction of the film before I left Paris to fly to America to shoot.

I was not expecting it to be as fun to watch but it’s very clear that in the talking we did about what movies inspire me, that we were all in agreement. Want to show it to you all very soon.