Shooting Day 1

Describing in a literal sense what is in the scene is much easier than explaining it’s meaning and how it fits into the the whole story. It took quite a while to shoot this scene which ends in different parts. The sex itself takes place in the construction site but the scene opens with a sequence shot over a couple of days in the desert.

We were very lucky to have access to the house and the surrounding area to shoot. It should have a very surreal and disorienting look to it and when I can show you the desert footage you will see how I mean.

Fluffing François

This is from Day 1 shooting Incubus. I had chosen Spencer Reed and Shay Michaels to be in the first sex scene in the movie. I had briefly met Spencer a few months before but this was the first day I had met Shay. When he needed a little help before his still shoot, we took the opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

Shay and Spencer are both in the new Titanmen movie “Full Fetish.” Shay is also in a scene in Sting with Hunter Marx that I like and Spencer is in Hellions where I saw him first.



I don’t like confusion, but here I like confusion… no matter what I do ….

Francois Sagat Photo Shoot for Out Magazine

Francois Sagat Photoshoot from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

Francois Sagat photographed by Terry Richardson

Francois Sagat Photoshoot from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

“HOMME AU BAIN” directed by Christophe Honoré

Starring François Sagat and Chiara Mastroianni. Premier September 22nd, 2010. Official entry Locarno film Festival.

Homme au Bain

The Power of Spandex

I arrive in L.A. and find a present waiting for me in my hotel room…

French Lessons with François Sagat