The Titanmen Weekend Deal is back… (and here’s more BTS from Incubus)

We had a lot of fun making the party scene but so much pre-planning went into it and the final result shows it. I was nervous going into it because I had so many ideas but Brian was a good mentor and helped me capture my ideas to video.

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Jerking Off under the pale moonlight

This is from scene two of Incubus. We shot scene two over three nights. Two separate nights for the hardcore sex that was between Jimmy Durano and Trenton Ducati and then on the second night we shot me jerking off watching the guys. Night three was the part where I wrestle my evil clone underwater but it all got edited together seamlessly and looks just how I wanted it to.

All I remember about that night was that it was very warm and very quiet. I could hear the palm trees in the wind and the water on pool.

You can see all of Incubus Part one here at the new designed Titanmen Website.

more Behind The Scenes shooting Incubus

Here is more from the shooting of the party scene at the start of Incubus. We took our time shooting this part which is the start of the madness that follows. But what was so fun about this was that we were actually having a party with refreshments and drinks so the crowd could have a good time while we made the movie around them.

The final bit of this video really says it all. I was so excited to see the image of my evil clone approaching the camera and saying “drink” that I was a bit giddy.

Incubus is finally released today! Go see it now at the new designed Titanmen site.

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It’s here… Incubus released tomorrow!

Here are some still shots from Incubus. It will finally be released tomorrow on Titanmen.

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Making A Scene – The Incubus Party

Incubus opens with a party scene where I am surrounded by friends at a party. I take a drink and slowly lose control, ending with me seeing an evil clone of myself. To create the feeling of being drunk or drugged at  party, we used the head camera that Bruce and Brian gave me a few days before.

Because I was in this scene, Brian had to take a larger part in directing the video. I would jump up at the end of every take to make sure that what was on tape was close to what I was seeing in my head. This scene you’ll see Trenton Ducati in the first scene he was ever in for Titan but he doesn’t get naked. That would happen the next night with Jimmy Duranno.

This is also when Shay Michaels stood in for me when I needed a body double. Spencer Reed is also there plus a bunch of friends of the crew. I was so excited to finally see my vision come true on screen. The movie will be out at the end of this week on Titanmen.

Out In The Desert

The opening sequence of Incubus (which will be out in just a few days) took us three days to shoot. We have an extended part at a dance party which then leads to a part shot in the desert. We had to have the perfect light so we only had a window of about an hour or so to shoot before we lost the sun on the horizon. So we had to act fast and then come back on the second day to do more.

The camera cast a shadow in parts that had to be digitally removed from the final movie but the image was just the kind of thing that I wanted. The finished edit of this scene is just the kind of hallucination and confusion that I want. You know that feeling when you wake up from a deep deep sleep and don’t know where you are or what time it is or how long you have been asleep? That is what I wanted to give.

The movie Incubus Part 1 will be out on Titanmen in just a few days. I am very excited that this project is finally going to be out for people to see. Now I can soon start to post many more video for you to show how we made the movie and how much work went into it from Brian and Bruce to the production crew to the porn stars and even the editors and score composer.

David Anthony

He’s a very handsome man. Looks like Richard Gere. I was very happy to be able to have him in Incubus. The scene he is in will be in Part 2 coming out early next year but for now, here’s a quick look at behind the scenes from that. You can also see me running around in my mauve body suit.

David posted this last night to his blog and I wanted to share it all with you.

Le Debut de la “François Cam”

Funny how until I saw “François Cam” written down that I didn’t get the name “Bruce Cam.”

This video was shot after I just got off a very long flight from Paris to San Francisco and was met at the aeroport by Bruce and Brian Mills who gave me the head camera that would play such a huge role in Incubus. I wore it for a whole day walking naked around in the desert in the Cochella Valley for part of the opening sequence and I also wore it for a big part of the party sequence that is part of the same sequence.

It was worn by both me and Bruce for the part where I wrestle myself underwater and worn in a few other parts of the movie. It was also used by Brian as he documented his involvement with making Incubus.

Incubus will be our very soon on Titanmen, you can keep watching here and the Titanmen blog for literally hours and hours of bonus footage that we will be posting over the next few months. Jesse Jackman will also be posting bonus footage to his new blog here.

It was one of the most amazing and challenging experience I have done and we want to share it all with you.

Incubus XXX Trailer – It’s FINALLY here!

I have been waiting to show you think for such a long time and finally here it is. The X-Rated full trailer to Incubus. This movie is something I have worked on for over a year from the conception to ideas to the final touches. I designed costumes and wrote the script and this was my first time in the director’s chair along side Brian Mills. I am so excited seeing the final pictures and the movie itself looks encroyable!.

Part One has in it Shay Michaels, Spencer Reed, Hunter Marx, Amyric DeVille, Jesse Ares, Jimmy Durano and the first-ever (and long-awaited) appearance of Trenton Ducati. It’s very existing to me that I have such a cast of incredible men all in one movie and to have Trenton’s first-ever performance in it as well makes me very excited.

Part one will be released at Titanmen soon, click here to join now! And you can also see all of my other Titan movies.

There is a big gallery of pictures after the jump…

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While we were doing the first scene for Incubus, Shay turned into what I can old call a “piss fountain.” Bursts of piss flying through the air over my head and into Spencer’s face. It was a sight to behold. I will have many more clips for you between now and when Incubus comes out next month. Thank you for all of the comments and Twitter messages. I love to hear from you all and I’m very glad people seem to be as excited to see it as we are to show it to you.