Je Suis Un Twat

Finn from Titanmen told me that in English, a person who Tweets on Twitter is called a “Twat.”

For some reason I think he’s pulling my leg.

But forget the countless impostors and fakers, today I finally signed up for a Twitter account so I can more easily tell you the things that I have been doing and thinking.  You should follow me on Twitter here.  And you should also follow Finn who posts on Twitter here, because he helps me post things here and runs the main Titanmen Blog where you can hear about the new movies there.


Drive (OST) released in France by Record Makers. I adore this song. It’s beautiful and dark and scary and haunting. I really like the movie, too. Not only because it has Ryan Gosling. lol

It’s weird to see someone you’ve never met suck your dick.

Not in real life but Finn from the new blog sent me this picture last night of Adam Herst playing with a dildo that was made from a cast of my dick. I’ve never met Adam but he has beautiful eyes and I love his smile. I love the American boys. I don’t know what it is about them but there’s something that attracts me to them.


I just got emailed this today. The final artwork logo for Incubus. I’m in awe. It’s so exciting to have worked on a project like this with my friends for so long and to finally be in the last few moments of its creation. There is also a documentary short coming out hopefully this weekend that will show some of the preproduction of the film before I left Paris to fly to America to shoot.

I was not expecting it to be as fun to watch but it’s very clear that in the talking we did about what movies inspire me, that we were all in agreement. Want to show it to you all very soon.

Turn your cocks back.


I was reading JoeMyGod today and I nearly fell off my chair laughing. That I even got this joke means that my English is improving. LOL.

I just topped James Franco

It’s nearly a year old but I was just told that Hong Kong magazine Dimsum out me in the top 5 “Hotties” above James Franco. This is one of those times that I am failed for words.