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I Fink U Freeky

“HARSH.” My favorite english word to use in all my french vocabulary. So, this is lately what I’m listening to at the gym: like hearing aliens communicating.


Gay Comic Geek reviews Incubus 2!

Last month Gay Comic Geek reviewed Incubus on his blog and on his Mancast Channel. I posted about his review here.

This month he does Incubus 2.

I love how he really took time to watch frame by frame to catch all the clues that I left. Wonderful to see someone enjoy it as much as he did. And he’s cute. He also was able to see what I was saying about myself and about porn and my place in it. I don’t want to say he got it 100% exact. But I hope people watch it and see what they get out from it.

You can get Incubus 2 here on DVD.

Click here to watch both movies at the Titanmen Website.

Encom 2

They have no idea.

and I have no intention of telling them.


Valentine’s Day Special

This weekend, Titan is having a sale on membership to their website. $69 for 6 months, that is about half off.

You can see every one of my movies and all the Titan movies on their site which is huge. Thousands of videos, unlimited viewing and soon Incubus 2 will come out and you will be first to see it.

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