You want me to wear WHAT?

I just thought this picture was funny. But Junior even looks hot with flash-burned eyes and his mouth hanging open.

Don’t forget that  you can get Titanmen right now for 60% off when you buy 180 days for $69.


I just found out that I’m on the cover of the first iPad gay porn and culture magazine called iReadAdult.


Superman Sucked My Cock

I posted a few months ago a video of me computer anime of me talking to a.. um, I am not sure.

But today I was sent these gay porn pictures of me in a video game or something. You can see the rest here.

And again I say “what the fuck?”

What. The. Fuck?

When people said they wanted a François Sagat toy, I thought they meant one of these.

This is not real, it’s just a joke.

I hope.

It looks a bit creepy to me and I wish I knew more about it. But it would also be fun to have a real doll of me but one that I knew about.  I wonder what kind of accessories it would come with. Demon horns, death ray laser gun and a sewing kit?