A night in Zurich.

The past week end I was doing a show on stage at THE DOLDER GRAND, ZÜRICH, perfoming dressed as the japanese manga Character : HOKUTO, for the charity (for aides research) night “Tribute2life.”


You can see the English version of the website here. Je suis désolé, ce n’est pas une version en Français.

It was so fun, people were screaming and very supportive. I should have some video very soon. These are backstage pictures … + one with Amanda Lepore (more to come).

The special haircut made by the hairstylist !!

enjoy !!!

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Arielle Dombasle

tonight (originally opera singer) to see a Latino cabaret show at the very famous CHATELET Theater. We were invited by Clemence, one of the female danceurs of the show(also danceur at the “CRAZY HORSE” paris), very nice.

It was a private, avant-premiere…before the official show …

So we went to see a show with the French/Mexican female singer

I took picture of my friend, and of the theater itself but was not allowed to take pics during the show, here is the spirit. A bunch more pictures of the tether and friend after the jump.
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The Drawings for Incubus

I had the chance to design almost all the costumes for Incubus …with the giant help of few creative and very professional friends that work in fashion .
+ Tiaras/accessories stuff, designed By Sagat and made by PierreHenri Noel .
+ Goat costumes designed by Sagat and Charlie le Mindu for Charlie Le Mindu, Charlielemindu.com
+  SLICK IT UP wrestling suits designed by Sagat for Slickitup.com. Design in collaboration with Charlie le Mindu , and Pierre Henri Noel.
If you have not seen the full Incubus movie, you can see previews and pictures here.
If you have not seen the documentary about the preproduction of Incubus, there is a very large part in the middle where I try on costumes and show them off. Some of the pictures taken that night are in the full gallery.
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London Bridge is Falling Down. And so are my pants.


 These were taken New Year’s Eve in London. It is a beautiful view from my hotel. I hope I didn’t scare any persons out in the street. Lol.

Non, ce n’est pas moi.

That’s Jesse Jackman. People have kept asking me how we did the scene in Incubus with both me and my evil clone wrestling underwater for part that bridges scene two and three. If you haven’t seen it, it starts with me being attacked by my own self but the evil part of me, he wrestles me underwater, grabs me from behind and keeps me in a choke hold where he jerks me to cum underwater.

I have a lot of behind the scenes video from that I will post here next week.

My body double was new Titanmen exclusive Jesse Jackman who was similar in body shape to me, just much bigger and taller so we played with what Bruce Cam called “forced perspective” to keep it looking like it was two versions of me from every angle.

But the hardest part was that I had to be the makeup artiste to paint all of my tattoos (even the one on my back that I have never actually seen lol) on him with water proof body paint.

If you don’t know much about Jesse, you can see him bottoming for Hunter Marx in the new movie Surveillance. You can click here to see a video clip of him getting fucked by Hunter.

And you can read Jesse Jackman’s blog here.

Salut 2012!

If you drink do not drive – Si vous buvez de ne pas conduire.