I just watched the Rough Cut of Incubus.

SO just watched the rough cut of Incubus. Finally seeing what was in my mind up on a screen was a dream. I’m pretty amazed to see how smooth it is. The “weirdness” that I tend to like so much doesnt make the movie unattractive or hard to watch. I feel the way we played with what the viewer was seeing doesn’t take away from it being a “porn” movie. I didn’t want to make an “art film with fucking.”

I think the movie is pretty accessible for people that are gonna watch it …yes, really, despite my love for DARKNESS , it all looks very sensual, sexy , attractive …pleasant ….and it’s very relaxing from what I felt at the first watch … almost like you smoke some good joint. lol

I love the wake up part in the desert , and also the sky special effects during the day light, that’s awesome ….wasnt expecting this little surprise, the sex in every scene looks like the guys are really into each other…colors are amazing again ….bright …colorful …actually pretty “sweet.”

It’s all about imagination, but i’m not scared , I’m more attracted, hope people gonna feel the same. And I have to admit …. I’m pretty excited by the scene with Shay and Spencer, pissing works , it looks very hot , I love pissing.

I’m looking forward to watch the second part too!

Directing from afar

Directing Incubus with Brian Mills was a very good thing for me. That the movie is still being edited in San Francisco has made it a bit harder to communicate with editors and Brian about it. But with things like Skype and FaceTime we have been able to move it along well. I got sent these stills yesterday from the men in the editing who are helping put together the hundreds of hours of footage that we shot. The movie will be released on Titanmen in just over a month.

They tell me there is an X-rated preview coming next week along with a longer documentary video about how we came to be able to make Incubus. I am very excited for you all to see it.

Francois Sagat: Lock ‘n’ Load (Out Magazine)

Francois Sagat: Lock 'n' Load (Out Magazine, Photography by Terry Richardson)

Francois Sagat: Lock 'n' Load (Out Magazine, Photography by Terry Richardson)

French porn star Francois Sagat celebrates the repeal of DADT in his own distinct way. Plus: Check out an exclusive video interview with Sagat and a revealing behind-the-scenes clip from his sexy military-themed fitting.

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