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  1. Question
    Question says:

    I hope you are taking some time to make more LOVE BOAT ARTWORK with a certain female in the artwork who is married to a ex president. Please make the time when you are not doing pornogrpphy! CUM is nothing new Francois but LOVE BOAT ARTWORK is new!

  2. Possible Client
    Possible Client says:

    I think I may of found a possible client for you 1 to 4 times a year into bondage. If you check the internet Boy George has das some issues with items that you are aware of in the past. He might be willing to pay for the bondage Francois!

  3. I hope all is well with Oliver
    I hope all is well with Oliver says:

    Do you think Oliver would sleep with me to get you back? Anyway, More Love Boat Artwork with Trumps. If you don’t post some new Love Boat Artwork soon I will make my own version of Love Boat Artwork with Trumps wife. I have been thinking about some themes with her in them.


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