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  1. Sotheby's International Realty
    Sotheby's International Realty says:

    French Polynesia is the new Paris and as you know things are expensive in France and everyone who can get out is getting out. We saw this property and we thought of you. Life on a RANGIROA Atoll is relaxing and age is never a issue! The house of your dreams is on Rangiroa Island located in Tuamotu’s archipelagos in French Polynesia. This property was built on one level in 2013 on a 1157m² plot of land at the edge of the lagoon. The living area measures 110m² of which 45m² is a covered terrace with a view on a luxury tropical garden and the ocean. A living room and an open kitchen of 18m ² are overlooking the beautiful covered terrace. The kitchen is equipped and modern with appliances. You will be able to sleep in two bedrooms of 18m² and 13m² with storage and wardrobes. The shower room is separate from the toilet. Possibility to build a swimming pool in the garden.

    Atoll of Rangiroa
    Other Rangiroa, Rangiroa, 98776 French Polynesia JUST 360 EURO FRANCOIS! OLIVER could enjoy himself!

  2. Dating Ideas for you Francois
    Dating Ideas for you Francois says:

    1. Makeup Kenny, Kenny is from South Jersey and lived in his parents basement. Kenny likes money and wears makeup. He is Italian, Tall and has dark hair. He dated Matt the Fireman who Kenny outed at the fire station over a fight. Kenny usually takes 3 to 6 hours to get ready to go out.

    2. Frankie the stripper, Frankie knows Jason Stern a fruitcake from New Jersey. Jason was in love with Ericka Baily and so was G Reese. Ericka and Reese dated but it ended badly. Anyway, Frankie is Italian and he likes to work out. He is thick in all the right places. Frankie worked at the gay adult book store in Charlotte, NC for some time. Jason Stern was into Frankie some. Ericka Baily loves Disney and may still work for them. Frankie would be my choice for you Francois.


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