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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Francois Sagat
    Happy Thanksgiving Francois Sagat says:

    Maybe now is the time to reconnect again Francois? Things may not of worked out with Oliver for whatever reason and you and Francesco DMacho don’t speak. You have giving up and go to bed alone wondering about life, love and aliens. Then there was Jodie Harsh. Hot and Heavy but the flame went out after a few years and Jodie moved on a broken spirit. Then there was your teenage love affair at the beach. Maybe you should catch a flight to ENGLAND and buy the candy, flowers and a new bag for Jodie and show up at her doorstep crying. If in Malibu and Denise Richards is working you could reconnect with Aaron?

  2. Gobbel, Gobbel, Gobbel
    Gobbel, Gobbel, Gobbel says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Francois Sagat! My info was wrong. I was not aware that Francesco DMacho was Oliver for short. He left you for another man on Myspace and got married. That was like 10 years ago. So you miss him sometimes or saw him again and lots of memories came back. I myself would not put up with that bullshit. Maybe getting back with Jodie is the wrong move. HAPPY THANKSGIVNG TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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