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  1. Ryan C.
    Ryan C. says:

    Hello, Mr. Sagat … some time ago, you were photographed in a black, adjustable leather Speedo. You were wearing a black military cap and drinking a soda in the photo as well.

    I would like to find this item and purchase it. Can you advise as to where I might find it? I will even buy it off you directly if necessary, but I would like to purchase as soon as possible. Any help is appreciated?

  2. Hilo, Hawaii
    Hilo, Hawaii says:

    You should do a beer commercial. My day was just like yours. You did some art and I had a bull shark experience. If you ever swim in Hawaii Francois it is swim at your own risk. The internet says there are no Bull Sharks here but again not true. You get in the water and there they are? Maybe Oliver can join me in your place.


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