#TBT “Les Temps Modernes” by Pierre & Gilles – 2007

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  1. Raja and Raven
    Raja and Raven says:

    Ten things we love about Francois Sagat August 15, 2019

    1. Oliver
    2. His Art
    3. Jodie Harsh
    4. That he is getting ready to retire for REAL!
    5. His smile
    6. His personality
    7. His money
    8. His nice teeth
    9. His dick and ass
    10. His voice

  2. Raja and Raven
    Raja and Raven says:

    Remember when you first met Jodie Harsh and your eyes locked. Love at first site. Who would of thought it would turn into a relationship with passion that lasted for over a year. Love birds setting up a nest. Your first apartment as a couple. Sure money was tight but you had one thing on your side LOVE! All your furniture was 2nd hand. Jodie worked a second job so you could start your dream. You both worked so hard for that quality time as a couple. Sure both of you were straight but sometimes LOVE happens. The weekend would come and Jodie would make homemade Ice Cream for her man. Sure you cheated but did Jodie find out? Unsure. Sure Jodie wasn’t black but she was the only taker at the time. You saved your money so you could catch a movie once a month and buy candy, soda and popcorn. But LOVE could not keep you together as Jodie had plans so big it did not include Francois.


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