Youtube is homophobic

so…  “TRUST ME”, the music video that we did with Igor Dewe, has been removed by youtube after 3 days of publication and almost 17K views – the video was clearly edited to make sure there were no nudity or sexual content – despite that, after an age restriction, the video has been suspended with no clear explanation. 

YouTube : we all know that your PROBLEM is that the story was involving 2 men and that the aesthetic was about gender fluidity …. your behavior is called ” FACISM ” … congratulations YOUTUBE. #HOMOPHOBIA #stopHomophobia #youtubehomophobic


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  1. Mark Haddad
    Mark Haddad says:

    This is ridiculous! The video is beautiful (I saw it the other day on Instagram). Who is their censor? Pat Robertson??! The world feels like it’s going backwards these days.


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