Everybody knows I’m single …but , I have NATHALIE !!!IMG_2160 IMG_2189

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    you do not know Fri-Fri, but I”m single as well but I have a black fluffy rabbit Pusya.
    you like black animals I see.
    you are single because you are too famous to date someone. NO one deserves to sleep with you?

  2. Michael Duquette
    Michael Duquette says:

    Im sure you have heard this a million times. But you are … so beautiful. In every possible way, your tattoos are of impeccable taste and accent your entire being in the most flawless and sublime profile. Your eyes… there are not words to describe the depths in which at but a glance I could be lost forever. So intelligent and so innocent. So hurt and so … vacant. Perhaps my greatest dream as of today is to meet you because I am certain that you are capable of being loved, your soul screamed from your eyes and I have heard it. You can be appreciated for everything that you are exactly as you are and nothing more or less taken or added. Francois, I think your pretty cute too. 😛 it exists. You just have to let it find you.


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