GALAXY – A New KickSagat Era

“Galaxy, Kicksagat propels its ADN into the future. For the first time, François Sagat does not appear in the catalog, not in human form but as a coating, guiding you on your mission. Kicksagat Galaxy will be your armor in holographic colors, irradiating the universe and propelling you into a new Galaxy.. A new Kicksagat era, a collection composed of technical fabrics with anatomic cutouts, piloting you through the day and generating your most unexpected performances.” FRANCK GLENISSON

” the journey of James, a young man abducted between ocean and land, by an alien antity native of the Triangulum Galaxy. He returns from his intradimensional passage, transformed and redesigned by the inhabitants of the planet Sagatruss – wandering between countryside and city. Meanwhile the promise of his way to leave the planet Earth forever. ” FRANCOIS SAGAT

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  1. Gordon
    Gordon says:

    This was awesome color work and design. Also, Francois Sagat looked great in those pix. But, he also looks great nude or involved with another hunk. Thanks.


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