Spin Me Round Round

With Slick It Up.

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  1. vitor
    vitor says:

    Hi François Sagat. Well I have nothing against you, but I have to tell you. I hate porn. Because It’s something that at first glance, it’s pleasurable, but after sometimes watching this, it’s so addictive that it becomes a torture. Seeing a lot of great and beautiful actors having sex all the time, but you can not see their human side. Maybe this is the reason why they feel depressed, and you only know that after knowing they have committed suicide. It feels like, porn is something that can destroy their sense of belonging, because, after entering into this world, some people might just drop then out of their lives all because of the discrimination. And then they feel lonely and unworthy, so the depression starts. We were not only design to have great sex, but also to experience love and affection.

    Well, I wish all the best to you, and to all the guys from the porn industry who might be experiencing depression and hiding it, in order to do a good work.


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