Kick Necklace and Earring

the #KickEarring and the #KickNecklace
“AMANDA LEAR sings Diamonds .”

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  1. giuseppe borrelli
    giuseppe borrelli says:

    I do not know if you even read the comments, but I will comment anyway. Your audience is small compared to say like a Andrew Christian empire, but you can succeed from your throne. I was in the promotional products industry for 15 years and made a fortune. You’re approach is to cash in on your iconic sexual body, and not dig deeper into the messages someone in your position can release. I live in South Beach, have a 6’4″ porn star body, but the things that shake me to my core, are the heart and soul and spirit of the hot guys I attract. Getting off track, your line could include messages to these young confused gay men, “being gay is a gift” , Gay is Awesome!” Feel proud, not confused” I am gay you got a problem with that?” but still work in your iconic body parts to bring these messages to life. And where is your knit cap with your tattoo head on the top and any color on the bottom. Hot pink cap with your tattooed scull on top, really in any color combo, Have a million ideas for your line. but really wish you tons of success with your kick line, may all your dreams come true.

    • giuseppe borrelli
      giuseppe borrelli says:

      I know I’m being obsessive part of who I am, anyway home with a cold. Anyway, here’s some more “Gay Is The New Black” “Gay, Sexy, Cool” “Gay Is In The Air” lots more, all my best for a super successful launch, Joe.

  2. giuseppe borrelli
    giuseppe borrelli says:

    I would love it if you can delete the comments I made on the earing and necklace, I am no longer a fan, once I see someone piss on themselves in semi-public I realize their self esteem and self respect does not exist and beneath that muscle costume lies an insecure, scared, self-loathing boy who only exists on the outside world of worship and adulation, inside there’s nothing., he’s a shell who could be so much more, but has turned himself into a product that can sold on shelves, the people who are using him for his body will fall also, Love Has No Equal. enough said, Please do not post this I want off his website. If this is done in some computerized fashion then shame on you. Peace and Self Love!


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