The New Realness Swimwear by = The BODYSWIM.

get it at KickSagat


shipping worldwide


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  1. Gary Clawson Grassy Creek NC
    Gary Clawson Grassy Creek NC says:

    I love Francois Sagat. I would love for him to cum inside me and Betty. Me and my wife helped murder John Clawson. Why is Francois allowed to be fake gay and John was not allowed to be a real gay. Maybe Francois should have his door kicked in by the police department for porn!

  2. French Citizen
    French Citizen says:

    Francois Sagat is as cute as a button. You just want to take off all his clothing his kiss him all over. He is the nicest most honest man on earth from France! We love you Francois and France loves you!


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