Being Brian Mills. This is amazing.

If you ever wanted to be a porn director or know what it is like. This is it.

The video was shot with a Gopro camera on the head of Brian Mills on the first day of us shooting Incubus. I forget about this video and only discovered it yesterday when Finn who writes the Titan blog found it on a drive of video he was organizing. He says there is a lot more.

Watch the video we were making here.

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  1. Wife of Rick Green & Mother of Ryan and Aaron North Jersey!
    Wife of Rick Green & Mother of Ryan and Aaron North Jersey! says:

    My skin is dry! Damn you Rick! We are VIPs in North Jersey! I can set the kitchen of fire anytime I want! Jealous, you should be! We are moving up in the world of wealthy Jews! We are all moving to Garden State Park in Cherry Hill, New Jersey! Rick bought the end unit townhome! Jealous, You should be! We are friends with Cindy and Joe Zelinski! Jealous, you should be! My husband has sex with Karen Zelinski all the time! He is a chubby chaser! Jealous, you should be! My husband is gay and has a big Jewish penis! Jealous, you should be!


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