Stills by Marco VanRijt for LHOMO Magazine Netherlands- April issue  – styling JeanPaul Paula …

Black Body Realness

We are happy to announce that Kick Sagat is growing and will very soon release a new underwear and sportswear collection on our e-shop. We would like to thank all of our customers, followers and business partners. To celebrate it, your favourite T-shirt, the Bodyrealness, is back in black, in limited edition exclusively on kicksagat.com .

Love, François Sagat & Kick Sagat team !!

Being Brian Mills. This is amazing.

If you ever wanted to be a porn director or know what it is like. This is it.

The video was shot with a Gopro camera on the head of Brian Mills on the first day of us shooting Incubus. I forget about this video and only discovered it yesterday when Finn who writes the Titan blog found it on a drive of video he was organizing. He says there is a lot more.

Watch the video we were making here.