C’est Moi…. François BBZZZZZTTTTTT!

Titanmen director Jasun Mark (see his Titan movies here) sent me this video of him getting a tattoo of me and my tattoo.

So if someone got a tattoo of Jasun, does that mean that they would also have a tattoo with a tattoo of me and my tattoo…. too? lol.

There is also Morgan Black, Kennedy Carter, Daniel from Fratmen and Adam Herst in the tattoo. Not just me. It was made from a marble Roman Sarcophagus which is at The Getty Villa in Malibu, California but he used our heads and not ones from the sculpture.

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  1. Julien
    Julien says:

    Spécial comme tatouage… Il a moins le mérite d’être original, et je respecte surtout la référence érudite !

  2. Mommi Poppins
    Mommi Poppins says:

    Francois Sagat is like a cold glass of iced tea with a slice of lemon. He is like a double frappuccino with some whipped cream on top. Since Sagat is over the top I have an idea for a spouse. What about Raven the drag queen from the east coast. I saw her in person several times and Raven and Sagat would make a nice couple. It does not matter if Raven is straight or gay.


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