A truly wonderful human being, you will be missed.

“The TRADESMEN” (Les Commerçants)

Canadian-Dutch Artistic Director, Choregrapher and Dancer ANDRé GINGRAS tragically lost his battle with cancer last sunday 17th of february… I had the chance and the honor to work with him for a project named “The TRADESMEN” (Les Commerçants) shot in 2008 at Centre national de la danse (CND) in Paris… here is an extract of the video …

Making The Rope Scene from Incubus – part ii

This is the second half of the video where we made the rope suspension scene from Incubus. It took hours to do it all but this video shows the best parts.

IF you did not see part one, it’s here.

You can also see the whole movie at Titanmen.

Incubus just won Gay Movie Of The Year at XBiz Awards. That’s cool .