I’m #… 34?

Boyculture published their list of the top 125 Gay Porn Stars of all time.

For some I am a bit confused… most I do not know… some I think are higher some lower. Some do not belong. Some are missing. No Spencer Reed? Nice to see Erik. Jeff Stryker not number 1?

Merde of the Bull… lol…

But I made the list at 34.

They say I blog “irregularly.” what? lol

For what would I want to do anything “regularly?”

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  1. Sue
    Sue says:

    It is all so subjective when making a list like that. I am very glad that you were on the list at all. In my opinion, you should have been in the top 5 -10 at least since you are so fine looking and have accomplished so many firsts for an adult entertainer. As you point out, so many deserving individuals did not make the list. No Pedro Andreas???


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