Last Night’s XBiz Awards Win for Incubus

Excited! Incubus 1 & 2 won the Best Gay Movie at the XBiz awards last night.

Even more, one of the stars of Incubus, Trenton Ducati won Gay Performer of the Year and my friend Joe Gage won Gay Director of the year. This is a huge win for all the people from Titanmen. Incubus was a massive group effort by everyone involved. I want to thank them all.

Pierre Henri Noel who helped me creating the masks, and also David Mason from SlickitUp (for the wrestling suits), and Charlie Le Mindu for all the hairpieces and costumes(hats,suits,hoodies) …

Paul Wilde, Marty who worked as camera men and did things like building sets or hanging lights to pushing dollys and holding tables still while we were fucking on them lol, Patrick who helped cast the men and make the travel and lodging arrangements, Matt and Kawai who were there helping us plan and shoot the underwater and blue-screened wrestling scenes.

Jasun Mark who worked camera and was with me the whole time shooting all of the footage of us making Incubus.

We had rope specialists and extras for the party scene. We also had a guy come in on his day off to open the costume store in Palm Springs just for us to buy my horns lol.

TP Deaux who took over 100 hours of footage and edited it together for an amazing spectacle  even better than I could imagine. The things he had done that were not expected were incredible. He made magic out of my nightmares. lol

Of course Brian Mills who has been a friend, mentor and supporter for so many years. He was with me every step and kept everyone smiling. He also pushed and pulled me and Incubus would not have been what it was without him.

But finally, Bruce Cam who has been a friend and supporter and the guy who makes it all happen. He also came to shoot video of me and Jesse Jackman underwater wrestling.

Plus all of the cast… Shay Michaels, Spencer Reed, Jimmy Durano, Trenton Ducati, Hunter Marx, Aymeric Deville, David Anthony, Junior Stellano, Jesse Jackman, Christopher Daniels and Casey Williams.

Thank you all so much.

And thank you to all the people who saw Incubus and supported Titan and me doing it. Even the press and reviewers who did not know what they were looking at but liked it anyway lol.

I guess this is where I’m supposed to remind you that you can get Incubus 1&2 on sale on DVD

or streaming at

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  1. Brian Mills
    Brian Mills says:

    Francois-I’m so happy “Incubus” won!!! Congratulations to us all for the hard work and notoriety. You’re a terrific person, wonderful man and great director. Keep pushing yourself forward creatively! It’s exciting to watch you succeed! Smiles, – Brian

  2. Arnau
    Arnau says:

    Salut François!
    Felicitations pour le prix!
    Je suis précisement en train d’écrire sur tes deux films (Incubus I&II) et ta façon de récuperer et transformer des themes que t’as vécu dans d’autres projets (comme LA Zombie) dans l’industrie porno mais aussi de t’en sortir du porno pour entrer dans le monde des arts (ta conference au MAD, Homme au Bain, LAZombie, tes perfos, video art, Hadès, etc.).
    J’approche le sujet depuis une vision académique (je suis dans un doctorat en communication aux USA même si je viens de l’Espagne) et je vais essayer de publier mon article dans un journal academique (faudra que moi aussi je puisse croiser la frontière porno/art pour qu’ils m’acceptent mon projet, car pour la pluspart des rechercheurs, le porno n’est pas assez).
    J’aimerais beaucoup t’expliquer un peu plus mon projet et peut être te poser des questions. Je sais que t’es très occupé mais ça m’aiderait beaucoup et je pense que tes projets sont assez connus et artistiques et qu’ils méritent attention dans l’academie.
    Faites-moi savoir s’il y a une façon de te contacter où au moins t’expliquer un peu plus ce que je fais si t’es pas 100% convaincu de m’aider 🙂
    Merci beaucoup! Beaucoup!!


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