The Break of Dawn

this is from a set shot by mathias casado castro.

just me waking up. starting my day as the sun peeps up on the horizon.

never forget that every day, you get to start again. if you don’t start again, how will you get to where you want to be?


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  1. Leslie Stockton
    Leslie Stockton says:

    Whomever gets to wake next to you should be the happiest person in this whole wide world. Your right we do have to wake before we can move on. But sometimes i wish i would not wake up, so i can keep dreaming.


    can you hear my scream
    screaming loud and clear
    can you feel the anguish
    i continue to endure
    can you feel the pain
    stabbing in my heart
    can you see the tears
    dripping falling drops
    can you hear me
    can you hear my crying
    frantic deep deep rain
    running stars to sustain
    can you read my story
    many much the same
    no new dilemma
    tale as old as graves
    can you take this bit
    make it less than is
    fill this mind simple
    just to be to live
    can you hear me screaming
    screaming oh so loud
    telling saying nothing
    sense rational or right
    can you …can you
    hear me …
    can you see the tears
    searing tearing my soul
    into rivers of fears
    always a silver lining
    horizon rises again
    kites will be flying
    rainbows do exist
    love awaits me
    my dear heart soon
    close by
    must be light astounding
    flying doves reaching out
    rainbows all around me
    kites flying high above
    sun has risen …always
    dark to light
    but …can you …hear me
    feel my dark turn to light….

    🙂 i can dream when i see u …….


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