Le Miroir.

It’s you.

But it’s not.

But it is.

And everything is backwards.

Everyone else sees you as you really are. You are the only person who only sees you in reverse.

The face you know as yours. Is not your face.


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  1. pascal
    pascal says:

    François est toujours bien inspiré comme à son habitude, il a une créativité dans son domaine qui rend bien fade ce que l’on peut voir ailleurs.
    Un Artiste bien beau qui fait rêver par son corps comme par son cerveau, un exception surrement mais au moins il est là !
    Merci !

  2. herbert
    herbert says:

    bonjour mon bel étalon, comme bonjour et applaudir votre travail, excellent professionnalisme et sa passion pour fabriquer un produit de qualité et crédible, j’aime ce que vous faites, je suis à vos fans dès le premier jour j’ai entendu parler de vous dans les médias électronique, je tiens à vous tous, ont les yeux qui véhiculent dulsura et de la paix

  3. herbert
    herbert says:

    Je vous suivre sur twitter, mon nom est @ hekkoafedo et facebook’m ecko guti añedo, mignon étalon baisers

  4. Leslie Stockton
    Leslie Stockton says:

    where have you gone
    is all well
    how is your heart
    do they take your shell
    where have you gone
    time has past
    miss your light
    when i look in your eyes
    do not see
    what i do
    when i look upon
    your immense beauty
    such strength
    such pride
    but but
    when i look
    look deep inside
    i cry ..
    beg to be
    to see
    your eyes again …

    *miss your presence* dreamed of you last night .. take care and stay safe 🙂

  5. Quentin Barrentine
    Quentin Barrentine says:

    You’re a very talented man, Francois Sagat. 🙂 (And I mean OTHER than your obvious talent for porn, which goes without saying.) You’re a very artistic, creative man, and also, I recently read an interview you gave (I can’t remember with whom) where you talked about how you were a very shy teenager. I won’t pretend and say “Oh, I’m such a huge fan, I’ve seen all your movies, scenes, etc….” because even though I definitely love watching you “at work” so to speak 😉 I genuinely admire your remarkable creativity, your sense of artistry in your photography and fashion, and your sensitivity, matched only by your wit and your ballsy-ness. (pun both intended AND un-intended, haha) It may seem weird to say this, but I have to say that you definitely have made a difference in my life. Beyond the porn, of course, is what I meant. I see in you, the same painfully shy kid I was all throughout elementary, Junior High, and High school, and yet you are very confident in yourself and dedicated to the things you love to do. I take my hat off to you, good sir. 🙂

    a fan who undoubtedly enjoys your porn, but enjoys even more the amazing quality of your character that you appear to have. 🙂

    PS…oh, and you have one of the most FANTASTIC bodies I’ve ever seen on a man. lol

  6. juan nunez
    juan nunez says:

    No one can see what is in that mirror but you….somehow u love that faceless man though…he’s mysterious


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