Just Because. There does not always have to be a reason.

Sometimes it’s best to do what comes to mind and figure out why you did it later. If it even matters later…

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  1. Giuseppe
    Giuseppe says:

    The movement of music happens not in the notes themselves, but between the notes, in the silences. When we are narcissistic, we are not on solid ground (earth) or thinking clearly (air) or caught up in passion (fire). Somehow, if we follow the myth, we are dreamlike, fluid, not clearly formed, more immersed in a stream of fantasy than secure in a firm identity. I, like millions of others find your image and your perfomances galvanizing, but utimately am troubled by your constant need to remind us of all your gifts from both heaven and hell. We get it, now your journey on your brilliant path needs to continue with your heart leading the way, not your body. We all gifted in many ways. My intention with this comment is not hate but to enlighten. Having a Gemini rising sign, my sun in Pisces and a moon in Libra, I’m surprised I’m even still alive!LOL ALL THE BEST TO YOU. giuseppeout@gmail.com

    • Giuseppe
      Giuseppe says:

      Dear Titan, I’ve become aware of my comment on Random is up for moderation. If you want to erase my e-mail address that’s okay. If you want alter my words in any way then I am asking you to not post my comments at all. I work as an intuitive coach in South Florida, helping gay men of all types come to accept themselves in this crazy world of judgement and fear. Being blessed with a 6’4″ porno body with gorgeous head turning looks and a dick that would choke an elephant, my first passion is helping gay men to love themselves and ultimately find out who they are and to stop the self hating and looking outside themselves for acceptance when self acceptance comes from within. To finally reach the place where other people’s opinions of you do not affect the way you feel about yourself. My greatest bliss comes from saving a young boy from harming himself. All of us have something special no matter what the vessel which contains the soul, heart, mind and spirit looks like. Being blessed with beauty is a crap shoot and shouldn’t affect a person’s self esteem either way. Some of my most gorgeous clients are the most unhappy. I could go on forever, but I won’t. Having depraved, hedionistic, kinky, no holes bared sex is my second favorite thing. LOL. Sex is easy, Love is hard. All my best to you all.
      Where can I e-mail some pics of myself just for the fun of it!


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