Goodbye, my friend.

Erik Rhodes/ James, Someone I had a crush on the first time we met more than 6 years ago… so funny, impressive, charming and very clever…

I was one of his first readers, following his blogs and stories. A misunderstood man in some ways, but so analytic, specific, with his own imagination, world and a huge sensibility that I’ve always respected. A sweet big man to me.

We’ve worked together on 2 projects and I always took the chance to interact with a very cool and nice guy, full of stories to tell …

I wish we could have been closer friends … 30 is terrible age to die

I’m really sorry for his brother, parents and all his friends, co-workers…his memory will stay intact …I will never forget, James.

You were already a legend. RIP.

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  1. Fritz Swenbeck
    Fritz Swenbeck says:

    Please never say “goodbye” say “untill we meet again” … though I’ve never known James other than through his work and blogs .. I know the feeling of loss that his family and close friends feel, and yes the man that was his partner or as I like to say husband will never get over the loss … I lost my husband of 7 years … 2 years ago ….. today

  2. Gavin
    Gavin says:

    I’m devastated more than I thought I could be for a porn star.

    I guess Erik Rhodes is the first gay porn star to die who shared a lot of himself through the New Media that I actually liked and cared about.

    I could relate to him. He was hilarious and he made us care for him. This is sad.


  3. Sue
    Sue says:

    I am truly sorry for your loss. James was so huge and vital; I only met him about a week ago and now so suddenly he is goner forever! It seems so inexplicable. He was so young. Way too young to die. What a tragedy. Like many I feel that I could have helped him to be happy or at least at peace. But he was so far from my sphere and so many had already tried and failed to reach him. I hope he is at peace now.

    Being a twin, I really feel for his twin brother. What more can I say.

  4. Frank Torquato
    Frank Torquato says:

    sorry for the death of Erik.
    I very much regret the death of Erik.
    I do not know what goes on the head of these guys get drugs. Do not live life without using drugs? I know the cause of death was heart attack, but it certainly has to do with the attack that he used drugs. My condolences to all his family and friends!
    This moment is the worst in human life. I know well what it is!

  5. Giorgio
    Giorgio says:

    è sempre un dolore perdere qualcuno, specialmente se giovane. Cerco di comprendere avendo perso anche io una amica da pochi giorni: anche lei troppo giovane per lasciare questo mondo. Riposino in pace.

  6. Robert
    Robert says:

    it is always a tragedy when someone so young dies. you wrote and said a very nice tribute, not even his “studio” did that on their site. you are and have always been a class act. may james/erik find the light that seemed to elude him in this world in the next.

  7. Simon Telford Bytheway
    Simon Telford Bytheway says:

    I recall the feeling of loss when my father passed, the regret that I could not tell him all I wanted, to let him know I was happy and not to worry about me. The pain for my family and my mother who I knew would miss him the most.

    I am sorry for your loss. I hope that James family and partner will find comfort from each other and memories of happier times with James. He will never be forgotten.

    Be at peace now James your struggle is over. Bless you.

  8. EJ
    EJ says:

    I just saw this post..So unfortunate to lose anyone at such a young age. I would sometimes check out his blog myself and sometimes hoped that he would get himself out of the emotional issues he was dealing with, hoping that he would get clean and/or find someone who cared enough about him to help him turn things around and get his house in order.

    Keep in mind that I’m on the outside looking in so the things I write are from that perspective. I didn’t know him personally but from the things I read on his blog this is my conclusion…Hopefully he is at peace and the pain is gone….RIP Erik Rhodes



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