Under Water

Just a clip of me and Jesse Jackman wrestling under water.

I have been reviewed by Gay Comic Geek.

The Gay Comic Geek did a review at his Mancast Channel about Incubus. I like that he took the time to understand what I was saying with it and I also like that he really enjoyed it.

You can watch Incubus at the Titanmen Website.

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Making The Pool Sequence

As promised, here is the first of many more videos done while making Incubus parts 1 and 2.

We used 5 camera men, three performers and enough lights to create artificial daylight underwater in the pool. Shot in the middle of the night in the hot desert. It was very exhausting to wrestle so much under the water and Jesse is much bigger than me so he could pick me up and throw me around and hold me under the water lol. We both had to learn to wrestle while we were holding our breath and we got better at it.

I also should give credit to Christopher Daniels for his uncredited appearance (from the thighs down lol) of the man I see underwater for a couple seconds. He didn’t get mentions being in it but worked very hard on this scene as everyone.

At the end of this sequence, he holds me in a headlock and jerks me off under the pool. I will post more video soon.

You can see both Incubus movies at only the Titanmen website.

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Giving Jesse Jackman a Francois Sagat tattoo.

Before shooting the scene where I wrestle myself under water in Incubus part 1.

There is a video of us shooting the scene in the pool coming here soon. I am told there are many hours of behind-the-scenes video shot while we were making this movie. Looking forward to seeing the one where they tied me up in ropes.

Jesse Jackman posted another video from this on his Mancast page.

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by Lynsey Peisinger & The Stimuleye

video contributions by
Antoine Asseraf & René Habermacher
starring François Sagat
Jason Last & Jaime Rubiano
Clément Roncier
Sebastien Meunier, Romain Dja Douadji & Tomek Jarolim
Simone Fehlinger

in collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto Inc,
until May 26th, 2012
Villa Noailles, Hyères, France.


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Work Out.

My trainer and friend Robert Vanden Reysen.

What do Lady Gaga and I have in Common?

Today I got a looks at the Lady Gaga purple hair dress. If you missed seeing the pictures I posted before, the man who has designed many of her clothes also worked with me designing costumes for Incubus. I talked about it a lot in the documentary about us doing pre-production.

Charlie LeMindu is a genius.

I have posted many pictures of the costumes in this post.