So THAT’s what it looks like.

other title… “Well, Fuck ME.”

Or “I’m an ass?”

Or “Servant’s Entrance in the Rear.”

Or “Now I can finally go fuck myself.”

Or “now I finally have a place to store that dildo they made of my dick.


This is my asshole.

And it will be available to buy tomorrow. at the Titan Store.

yYes they did mold this using my butt as a guide. I forgot about this. I will have video of it for you tomorrow.

No, not video of my ass. There is already plenty of video of that. I mean video of me getting my ass molded. That is a sentence I never thought I would say in French, let alone in English.

I had to call a friend to ask him to tell me how to say it.

Well, fuck ME.

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  1. Fitsy82
    Fitsy82 says:

    I think it looks flat! They should have moulded Francois in a doggy position or more upright so it looked more rounded! Like the real thing! Also im sure his hole doesnt really gape like that? Does it?! Would look more appealing if it were closed. Its a great looking toy, i just think a better position could have been used to show off his rounded cheeks more…


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