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  1. Demi Whore
    Demi Whore says:

    They dont need to know anyways, bitches wouldnt know what to do with ye, me on the other hand Mr Sagat, well You have no idea what Id do to you 🙂 🙂 Love ye hunny x

  2. Xersex
    Xersex says:

    They’ve no idea about your beauty, Francois! only men can understand you!
    Elles n’avent pas aucune idea sur ta beauté Francois.
    Seulement les hommes peuvent te comprendre!

  3. Meshech78
    Meshech78 says:

    Francois, they have no idea that they are in the presence of one of the sexiest, most intellecual men to ever grace their presence. I absolutely love you!!!

  4. RichieB
    RichieB says:

    I think it would be hot if hit BOTH of those… you need to do some Bi/Straight porn! Bet you would look great eating pussy!


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