Hades. The video.

Here is the Censored (grrrrr) video (the uncensored one soon), directed by Franck Glenisson, who’s also an amazing photographer and song writer …he wrote those poetic lyrics, and chose the theme of Hadès ….name of the Kingdom and God of the Underworld…

It basically speaks of death and oblivion …between those two “parallel” characters that Sylvia Gobbel and I represen; her : muse of the past and me : creature of an uncertain future …this is an ironic but very romantic and strong meaning that Franck tried to show in this video and those lyrics.

The video and imagery are also inspired and a tribute to the amazing Helmut Newton, the fashion and nude photographer who died in 2004.

The timing of the release of Hadés was actually perfect because currently a tribute exhibition to Helmut Newton’s work takes place at Paris Grand Palais

My partner Sylvia Gobbel in this duet is known to be one of the main models and inspirations around the world of Helmut Newton.

I promise an uncensored one in a month….

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  1. Jacques Stoffels
    Jacques Stoffels says:

    Quelle merveille Francois, tu es Hades personnifié. Vivement la version non censurée. J’ai reçu ce matin Incubus 2, c’est mon programme pour ce soir. Je t’embrasse merveilleux François. Tu es un génie et un maître.

    Jacques Stoffels <3

  2. Fern Flower
    Fern Flower says:

    This version, “thanks” to censorship, becomes more mythological. 😉 The name “Hades” comes from the ancient Greek name “Haidēs”, which means “the unseen”. Sometimes, to see less means to see more, especially when it is possible to see what means “unseen”. This is why, I am waiting for the uncensored version, but even a version with no frontal nudity made a big impression on me. I am enchanted by Your imagination. Thanks a lot Monsieur Sagat! By the way, could You be so kind and give me the French lyrics? I do not want to get lost in the Underworld. Thank You in advance.

  3. Mark
    Mark says:

    Its beautiful! Where is the uncensored version? You promised it would be up in a month, its been years.


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