The Incubus Costumes

The Incubus Costumes


I have posted before about them but many people ask me more. I should maybe do a whole series about each one.

This was shot the night before we did our first-ever scene. Jasun had just arrived and wanted to know more about the piles of hair on the dinner table. lol.

These are used in both Incubus Part 1 and 2. You can see the movie at Titanmen only.


  1. It is always such a pleasure to hear Francois speak. He has a wonderful sound and pace to his voice that is very lyrical, and resonates with much self-confidence and knowledge of his topic. Plus, He captures You
    with an overwhelming sweetness in His manner.

  2. Very cool – thanks for sharing this! I love seeing the work behind Incubus and the costumes look great ….. I want to see more! Thank you Francois, I’ll look forward to the next time ………