I got Fluffed by David Anthony

No, there is not ever a person on set who has the job “fluffer.”

I am asked that by people often and no, I’m sad to say I have never met a professional hard-on maker.

But while we were shooting a scene for Incubus Part 2 that comes out next month, David Anthony was nice enough to “help a buddy out,” as one of the guys on set called it, lol. I wish al my buddies helped me out like this.

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  1. Drue
    Drue says:

    Totally, TOTALLY AWESOME – a dream come true to see Sagat and David Anthony together! I really can’t wait till the movie is released and I got it in my hands. Ssooo COOL!! WOFF!!!

  2. william
    william says:

    i just wanna say i love francois!!! his body is a great example to me!! i promise working out really hard to get a body like his…that ass is awesome!!
    love ya!!


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