Making A Scene – The Incubus Party

Incubus opens with a party scene where I am surrounded by friends at a party. I take a drink and slowly lose control, ending with me seeing an evil clone of myself. To create the feeling of being drunk or drugged at  party, we used the head camera that Bruce and Brian gave me a few days before.

Because I was in this scene, Brian had to take a larger part in directing the video. I would jump up at the end of every take to make sure that what was on tape was close to what I was seeing in my head. This scene you’ll see Trenton Ducati in the first scene he was ever in for Titan but he doesn’t get naked. That would happen the next night with Jimmy Duranno.

This is also when Shay Michaels stood in for me when I needed a body double. Spencer Reed is also there plus a bunch of friends of the crew. I was so excited to finally see my vision come true on screen. The movie will be out at the end of this week on Titanmen.

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  1. Sue
    Sue says:

    I begin to wonder, with your creativity, what a film would be like that you could make without any restrictions. Here, you had to include porn, for example. But I see so many interesting details that I am quite intrigued.

    I will post this tomorrow.

  2. olabode oladele
    olabode oladele says:

    Hi man, franchement t’es unique, t’es superb et t’es un vrai harder porno. Il faut avouer. Je te souhaite une bonne continuation. Est-ce que ce sera possible d’avoir un débardeur que tu mets dans le film L.A. Zombie ça me plait beaucoup et tu me diras combien je te dois. Excuse-moi pour le français, je suis d’origine anglophone.


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