Out In The Desert

The opening sequence of Incubus (which will be out in just a few days) took us three days to shoot. We have an extended part at a dance party which then leads to a part shot in the desert. We had to have the perfect light so we only had a window of about an hour or so to shoot before we lost the sun on the horizon. So we had to act fast and then come back on the second day to do more.

The camera cast a shadow in parts that had to be digitally removed from the final movie but the image was just the kind of thing that I wanted. The finished edit of this scene is just the kind of hallucination and confusion that I want. You know that feeling when you wake up from a deep deep sleep and don’t know where you are or what time it is or how long you have been asleep? That is what I wanted to give.

The movie Incubus Part 1 will be out on Titanmen in just a few days. I am very excited that this project is finally going to be out for people to see. Now I can soon start to post many more video for you to show how we made the movie and how much work went into it from Brian and Bruce to the production crew to the porn stars and even the editors and score composer.

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  1. Irwgiogi
    Irwgiogi says:

    is one of the things I like about the production, then things look natural and make the story more meaningful and real


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