Le Debut de la “François Cam”

Funny how until I saw “François Cam” written down that I didn’t get the name “Bruce Cam.”

This video was shot after I just got off a very long flight from Paris to San Francisco and was met at the aeroport by Bruce and Brian Mills who gave me the head camera that would play such a huge role in Incubus. I wore it for a whole day walking naked around in the desert in the Cochella Valley for part of the opening sequence and I also wore it for a big part of the party sequence that is part of the same sequence.

It was worn by both me and Bruce for the part where I wrestle myself underwater and worn in a few other parts of the movie. It was also used by Brian as he documented his involvement with making Incubus.

Incubus will be our very soon on Titanmen, you can keep watching here and the Titanmen blog for literally hours and hours of bonus footage that we will be posting over the next few months. Jesse Jackman will also be posting bonus footage to his new blog here.

It was one of the most amazing and challenging experience I have done and we want to share it all with you.

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  1. Gianni Asaro
    Gianni Asaro says:

    Hi, i’m a promoter a amazing event in rome, can i ask you a contact to book you? Thank you. G. A.

  2. Christian Ewert
    Christian Ewert says:

    Dear Francois!
    My Name is Christian. I`m the chief editor for a gaymagazin called “hinnerk” in Hamburg, Germany. In our next issure we want to write about your new film and therefore we need some pics! At the www i found for example the images “you with a crossbow” or “you as Britney Spears (?)”. I can image, that we can print such pics. Can u help us? It would be great!!

    By the way: sorry for my lousy english!

    Kind regards,

  3. hekvin
    hekvin says:

    you are an amazing person i wish i had the chance to meet you in person i love your work and your personality and your fashion scence love you


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