One more quick one about Shay

Just one more clip I got with Shay Michaels on set for Incubus. It’s coming out very soon. The XXX trailer will be out this week. I’m very excited.

I’m on Huffington Post!

Huffington Post just added this story about my  Master Class At Museum Of Arts And Design In NYC. I hope I get to meet some of you there.

Although I’m a bit confused why not one of the news blogs is linking here to my blog. Too much cock? LOL



C’est Shay

Here’s a video of Shay trying on his Slick It Up costume that he wears in the opening scene of Incubus. The movie will be out soon on Titanmen.

And here is a video of Shay giving some workout advice.

Slick It Up Costumes

Here’s a look at Spencer Reed’s costume from the opening scene of Incubus. It was made to my specs by Slick It Up. They do very amazing things.

Incubus is coming out soon but you can see all three of us on Titanmmen now.

I posted the video of Shay Michael’s costume after the jump.
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Je Suis Un Twat

Finn from Titanmen told me that in English, a person who Tweets on Twitter is called a “Twat.”

For some reason I think he’s pulling my leg.

But forget the countless impostors and fakers, today I finally signed up for a Twitter account so I can more easily tell you the things that I have been doing and thinking.  You should follow me on Twitter here.  And you should also follow Finn who posts on Twitter here, because he helps me post things here and runs the main Titanmen Blog where you can hear about the new movies there.


Just some pictures of me and some bitch.

I don’t have a pet because I travel so much. But I love dogs.

More pictures after the jump.
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