Wild in Brazil

Thanks to the people of Brazil for welcoming me into their beautiful country. Rio is wonderful. I’ll be back.

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  1. Anderson
    Anderson says:

    Hey Francois
    how are you?
    I’m brazilian so my english is so bad hahaha
    just wanted to say I admire you as a person not only for the work but I’ve been reading about you and you is really nice guy and that although it seems a tough guy you are a sweet and the people who live around you should be very lucky. = D
    Whenever I spend here in your blog to find news.
    hugs to you!

  2. Leo
    Leo says:

    Bonjour, Sagat.
    Je suis brésilienne et son ventilateur, je l’admirais encore plus son travail et son caractère après la lecture de certaines de leurs histoires. J’espère revenir plus souvent au Brésil et j’ai beaucoup de succès. Très belles photos! sincèrement

    Excuses erreurs de français. haha


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