Slick It Up Costumes

Slick It Up Costumes


Here’s a look at Spencer Reed’s costume from the opening scene of Incubus. It was made to my specs by Slick It Up. They do very amazing things.

Incubus is coming out soon but you can see all three of us on Titanmmen now.

I posted the video of Shay Michael’s costume after the jump.

Click Here to see the movie on Titanmen soon!


  1. the opening scene costume is hot as fuck! it’s what the gay guy should wear on the street. we gotta be more ‘in your face’ with our sexuality–especially in cities that are pretty gay anyway–no reason not to if we believe in being ‘out’. g

  2. Hey man, new video is looking great! i know your coming to nyc to promote and do master class, was definately looking into it. keep it up…deke

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