More Fluffing on Set

This time is was Shay getting me hard for my still shoot. I didn’t realize anyone was watching but then I looked up and I saw not only Jasun with a camera pointed at me from down the hall but Spencer was watching and jerking himself. Maybe I’m an exhibitionist but I love to be watched.

It will be very soon that you can watch Incubus at Titanmen but you can see us all there in other movies now.

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  1. suczzzi
    suczzzi says:

    If u like to be watched, maybe u should try some webcome performence? 😛 on Cam4 f.e. People would love u there 🙂

  2. Joe Borrell
    Joe Borrell says:

    enough already! where is the movie! I’ll buy it if you jerked off during your the screening of it…


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