The Pee Tree

When you are shooting on a real construction site, sometimes you need to get creative with where you piss.

If we were already shooting the video I would have just had us all do it together but we were hours away from that time so Jasun just followed me out into the yard and we shot this for you. One thing I didn’t know when I chose the place was that there was a very large hive of bees that was at the base of that tree. Luckily nobody get stung on their dick.

If you don’t want to wait until Incubus comes out, Shay Michaels is in a very hot pissing/water sports scene with Dirk Caber and Hunter Marx in Sting.

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  1. frankie
    frankie says:

    I can tell by your words that you are very excited about this project. I am glad that Titanmen have allowed you to direct and be fully involved in all aspects of the production I hope this project will lead to other creative projects where you can explore all aspects of your sexuality and personality….

  2. sxg
    sxg says:

    Love that you put your hand in Shay’s pissing just so you can smell and taste it! I wish you would have stuck your whole mouth there, but I guess we have to wait for Incubus to see that!


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