and speaking of Fetishes,

Before we started to shoot the hardcore fucking scene that opens Incubus, Shay, Spencer et moi discussed what kinds of fetishes that we like.

I don’t do watersports a lot in my personal life because it’s not always easy for me to find a person that likes it that I would want to do it with. I do like the way that it looks it porn movies. It’s not just a one-way power play to me, it’s about sharing something that extreme and still intimate in a way.

I was very excited when Spencer told me that he likes to too and that we could not just have a bit of pissing in the scene but that we could go full out with it and really have a true water sports scene with pissing in the mouths and faces. The video we got I can not wait to see, Shay must have let out about 10 litres of piss. It was very hot.

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  1. Stewart
    Stewart says:

    First, I hope that you made a multiple picture deal with Titan…..BTW, welcome back!
    Second, why do watersports have to prove dominance one way or another? Why can’t it be the sharing of love fluids short of barebacking? Piss is actually, for the most part sterile, so let it indicate a nice way of lovemaking?

  2. Petit C.
    Petit C. says:

    I’ve never been pissed on. I can’t even imagine the taste of piss. Someone that I met online told me that it’s better if the person drinks a lot of beer, in that way the piss taste more like water. Idk but as for fisting, not my thing. Haven’t tried it yet, but it doesn’t turn me on when I see it. I’d already seen sound rodding on webcams and that as well doesn’t turn me on as well. It actually scares me lol. But to everyone his fetish!!!

  3. sxg
    sxg says:

    I’m shocked that you let someone try to fist you, as many websites have said that you don’t like fisting! And yes pissing is incredible, and Titan has some of the best piss scenes! I just love the one with you and Damien Crosse!


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