Francois Sagat: Lock ‘n’ Load (Out Magazine)

Francois Sagat: Lock 'n' Load (Out Magazine, Photography by Terry Richardson)

Francois Sagat: Lock 'n' Load (Out Magazine, Photography by Terry Richardson)

French porn star Francois Sagat celebrates the repeal of DADT in his own distinct way. Plus: Check out an exclusive video interview with Sagat and a revealing behind-the-scenes clip from his sexy military-themed fitting.

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7 replies
  1. EJ
    EJ says:

    Went to Out Magazines web site and read your interview. Like the pix. Good luck and all the best in what ever you decide to do.

    Take care and as always…KISSES FROM TEXAS.

  2. Jonas
    Jonas says:

    Excellent and hot pics and video. Liked the article as well.

    One of the hottest man I’ve ever seen! (And thankfully you haven’t shaved your hairy chest.)

  3. frankie
    frankie says:

    Dear Francois,
    Wonderful interview! and very creative photography. Hope article will bring you more opportunities to involve yourself in work that will expand your creativity and passions!

  4. Hilario Fareaux
    Hilario Fareaux says:

    The pictures are hot and amazing…I am not surprise…Francois can do no wrong. I wish you all the best in your cross-over, may all your dreams come true…Love You!


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