TETU’s 15th Birthday Performance — Club Sandwich, Paris

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  1. EJ
    EJ says:

    I loved that …seeing footage from some of the films i grew up watching…all wrapped around one of the sexxxiest porn stars on the planet….that was fun to watch.

    Kisses from Texas

  2. Norvell J Maher Jr
    Norvell J Maher Jr says:

    This is a very visually stunning flix. The interweaving of Francois(La Magnifique) with the supernatural clips does a tremendous boost to the sexual power of the man! This is what I consider Cinemagraphic Art in some of its finest form. From the very beginning of the flix the audience is subject to a fantastic glimpse of the supernatural as tied to the male sexual prowess. This make for a very fascinating and erotic flix! NJMJr!

  3. Frankie
    Frankie says:

    Hi Francois
    i love the movie The Bloob.. I ve the movie on VHS Tape, hehehe good old times.
    And Ghostbusters only the first part was good.
    By the way, you have more muscles than ever. Could it be?
    Many greetings from the heat in Germany
    by the way, ive bought the movie telescope, … a lot of francois, with more muscles than ever, 😉 good work francois

  4. No1Finder
    No1Finder says:

    Hey guys.
    Ich loved this music too and i have searched and searched and finally 2hours later i´ve found it?? Yeaaah
    And i want to share it with you!
    Here´s the link to youtube!
    I was wondered that its from scissor sisters!!

    Sending nice greets From Germany:-)


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