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  1. Omar
    Omar says:

    This is a very deep and interesting video representing art and fashion as well as mainstream pop culture.

    I cannot help but notice the dark mysterious undertones presented. It seems the director is trying to make us questions certain aspects of the video.

    The director is also prompting us to make certain questions, to which the answers we can only find ourselves.

    The director is therefore giving us something to research to answer our questions hence giving us some homework.

    Can someone explain to me the ideas and concepts presented in this video?

    There is alot of symbolism presented and I cannot follow the story the director is trying to present.

    Surely someone can help?

    This is a great stunning video showing us a tiny glimpse into the mysterious thoughts and world that the gorgeous, handsome and sexual Francois Sagat belongs to.

    Great, deep, artistic and thoughtful video Francois.

    LOVE IT!


  2. Ashill
    Ashill says:

    who cares about the questions and answers, all we want to see it´s François! no more! ON ADORE SAGAT!
    bravo pour le cul

  3. exxxu
    exxxu says:

    Very cool video and great song, but Omar, please, not everything you see is art or has a deeper meaning. Please.
    In a world that manufactured extremely shallow and commercial stars like Lady Gaga gain status of artists just because they use the word “art” and claim to be “artists” everything you see you think it’s art.
    Gaga should never EVER be in the same context as Madonna (who trully is a real talented artist).

  4. Frankie
    Frankie says:

    Hi Francois(e) my big boy,

    another wonderfull created clip you made… sound is great, the pictureres are very interested, cool making vid clip, but so short… 🙁
    and… you make so much clips again and again…you have so much ideas
    i dont have so much ideas for only one clip hehehe, and so im waiting for another new clip you create..
    its a great choise that you have changed from raging to titan, so you have an own base where you can show us your wonderfull clips
    best wishes from germany
    your fan

  5. Bastien
    Bastien says:

    That’s an interesting video…
    You’re really original (in a good way).
    I had a question to you:
    Are you really gay or are you bisexual?
    Sorry if it’s personnal, but answer me please (if it’s your private life, say me that, I will understand…)

  6. Laurent ( Paris )
    Laurent ( Paris ) says:

    Oh il y’a quelque chose de troublant dans ton montage.

    Te voir adulte dans ton métier, et te voir enfant ( on reconnait ton regard si particulier ) , puis ces femmes connues ou pas. Comme si ta famille au final, c’était toute cette culture pop. Dont tu fais parti à mon sens.

    Mais je sais pas, j’ai l’impression qu’il y’a quelque chose de très personnel que tu mets là dans ta vidéo. Sans savoir exactement de quoi il s’agit.

  7. EJ
    EJ says:

    Can’t believe I missed it….HAVE A VERY HAPPY, SEXXXY BIRTHDAY FRANCOIS…I hope it was the best one you’ve had so far….many, many more


  8. PeterPan
    PeterPan says:

    Interesting – subliminal messaging too!

    Have you reached one million photos yet?

    Ten million? One billion?

    So much to see. Sometimes it’s best to focus on one.

    Francois, of course. XoXo


  9. Enrique
    Enrique says:

    Feliz cumpleaños que sea un dia excelente y de mucho logros que 2010 sea un año de prouesta de cine y que en tu vida personal tengas grandes logros que llenen tu alma

  10. frankie
    frankie says:

    sorry francois

    i cant congratulat for your birthday cause i lay all the time in hospital… so i do it now….

    happy birthday to you i hope you have had a great day with many friends and gifts … i wish you a big career , health and luck for the future, be the man who you are now,
    you are a nice and frindly person

  11. EJ
    EJ says:

    Francois Sagat wore a wig and gave some face in this new music video from French musician Jef Barbara. Fun…..

    I was reading posts on “The Sword” blog and ran across this music video….you do keep yourself extremely busy doing various projects….What can we look forward to in the future from Mr Sagat…More modeling, photography, fashion, mainstream film…all of the above

    How did the filming of your short film go…would love to see a trailer when it comes out.

  12. Pitt
    Pitt says:

    I’m the type of guy who sees “art” and “a deeper meaning” in anything. But usually, never when it’s about pornohgraphy. And actually, in that specific case…There’s more than just pictures winding on with randomness. Conscious or not from Sagat, there’s something more, so much more.
    THAT is real art, THIS is brilliant. I love it.


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