Sagat to Star in French Mainstream Short Film

Sagat and Chiara at the house of Honore

Francois Sagat, contemporary, gay porno icon, first seen in the Citebeur “Wesh Cousin” series but very quickly stolen away by the XXX business in California, will be the principal actor of the next film of Christophe Honore.

Filming in mid-April, the film is commissioned by the Gennevilliers Theater, managed by Pascal Rambert.  The film will be part of a collection of films including those directed by Bertrand Bonelle, Lodge Kerrigan, Shinji Aoyama…

The synopsis of the film:  Sagat plays a young homosexual of Gennevilliers, with many sexual encounters so that he can put himself in a place of separation.

Chiara Mastronianni, daughter of Catherine Deneuve and Marcelo Mastroianni,  is also part of the cast.