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  1. Christopher
    Christopher says:

    Ahh, Francios you creative devil. A very artistic style short clip. The young lady is well endowed & yet you restrained yourself from par taking of her….. A handsome man like you; belongs with only other handsome men.
    Love your style, keep it coming. Besos Francios xx

  2. EJ
    EJ says:

    Francois….This was very, very sexxxy…I’ve been wondering where you’ve been….It had been a long time since your last post. I hope you had a Happy New Year wherever you celebrated.

    Kisses from Texas

    ALI HASSAN says:

    Ur Vicous, hope u remember me jus think bac 😉 i love u ur work and everything about u. Francois…. I…LOVE…YOU…

  4. alex
    alex says:

    Salut François, ca fait plaisir de voir une nouvelle vidéo. Ca faisait longtemps. Elle est très sympa. Bon je pense que ça va pas etre la préférée de beaucoup de monde à cause de la demoiselle (qui soit dit en passant est trés belle). A quand une vidéo en uniforme, lol??? Je plaisante. Bravo j’adore.

  5. Jo
    Jo says:

    Loved this one. If you did a straight scene with a woman that would be very hot. Don’t know why but I think it would 🙂

  6. Eddy (Miami )
    Eddy (Miami ) says:

    Je pense que la vidéo est à grand spectacle comme tout ce que vous ne fille est précieux et vous êtes un homme très sexy qui est mieux que joli, bon pour vous François succès

  7. Frank
    Frank says:

    Hi Francois

    wow, what a Stylish clip, very proffesionel, you are gonna be better and better for a clip… and your music choise Rammstein, coole Musik aus Deutschland 😉
    very very good, but so strange to see you with a woman
    but, thx for the hot clip
    greetings from germany
    hope you have had a happy new year, and a nice christmas

  8. Chris
    Chris says:

    there’s a post on gagadaily.com ( in the fashion part) of a sketch of on of lady gaga’s dress and it’s saying that it was made by François Sagat is that you?! I know you worked in the fashion industry so maybe it is
    it looked very good 🙂

  9. M
    M says:

    François playing around with a woman, however pussy-footed, messes with the fantasy he represents as a physically perfect man-man sex symbol.

    François, you are an affable sex icon, with all the pull of a latter-day male Brigitte Bardot. Are you inspired to fool around with unbecoming playmates just because Brigitte now chooses to lie with seal pups?

  10. Frank
    Frank says:

    one question : do you know the playstation game : singstar? this could be a game for you, you can sing songs (karaoke) and upload the videos than, its funny
    my singstar nick is : schlingel.
    try it out,

  11. Gyjun
    Gyjun says:

    Dear video maker, with all respect, but different music needed here… I think some attachments may be guilty on that, which is alright… but less obvious music could affect the viewer in a more artistic way, especially if you plan on making something artistic.

  12. Mike
    Mike says:

    To anyone that has doubts about François Sagat sexuality he addmitted in an interveiw he was 200% gay! So none of you guy worry! Classic straight 4 pay!!


  13. ozren vlainić
    ozren vlainić says:

    this is great….this should be on national tv….mom, dad, this is me…i just don’t find anything in a girl. i tried hetero world..it’s empty , just as they view the homosexuals.


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